Online free Craps casino game rules

Craps is a relatively new type of old game that involves dice. If a person is playing Craps actively in reality, with friends, sooner or later, he could make a decision to try any online free Craps casino game, and later, even bet to win.

Rules of online free Craps casino game

The sense of online free Craps casino game is to shoot dice and bet on Pass and Do not Pass line. However, a newbie who thinks that here, he has to guess the total number of points on dice, should read the game rules first.

Besides, free online casino game Craps experience will be the greatest help. Respected casinos provide the opportunity to try their Dice emulators in a Demo mode. As the rules can be remembered better during the process, the player, who regularly uses this option, can become a professional faster.

In brief, these rules can be explained the following way:

  1. The player, who throws dice in online free Craps casino game, is called shooter;
  2. Other players bet on various special table zones;
  3. Pass and Do not Pass lines are used most often;
  4. One can refuse to shoot, but if he plays, he has to bet;
  5. There are 2 parts in each game round.

Basic bets in Craps

Pass line

It is the most common bet here. The payout here is 1:1. The bet is made after a new game is announced. 7 and 11 are uniquely winning combinations. 2,3,12 are losing combinations. All other combinations have the Point category, after which the player again rolls the dice and wins if Point repeats or rolls 7.

Odds on Pass

This is an additional bet that is made after Point is dropped.

Don’t Pass

This bet, which is the exact opposite of Pass Line. It is also done after a new game is announced. The winning combinations are 3 or 12, and 7 and 11 are uniquely losing. If two points fall, then bets are returned to the players. Combinations 4, 5, 6, 8,9,10 is Point, and the player wins in the event that the next roll is seven.

Don’t Pass Odds

This bet is made when the combination Point has fallen. Payout ratios for winning depend on the number of points won.


The Come is similar to the Pass Line, but one can place it at any time during the game. The winning combinations are 7 and 11; the uniquely losing combinations are 2, 3 and 12. The payout is 1 to 1.

Come odds

Come Odds bets in the online free Craps casino game are placed if the player who rolls the dice has lost any combination of the Point category.

Don’t Come

The player wins if 3 or 12 drops on the rolled dice. If 7 or 11 falls, he loses.

The best Craps slots

Any online free Craps casino game becomes possible only when a simulator is involved. Real dealer casinos never have free game variants.

The coolest slots with dice and Craps games that are chosen in online casinos include games developed by NYX Gaming, Microgaming, Playtech, and BetSoft. These dice simulators can be found in licensed online gaming sites and gambling clubs.

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